5 MOOC Questions Answered

In my ongoing research on MOOCs, and as a regular listener to Slate podcasts, I found this episode of “Techno Sapians” valuable. Marvin Ammori and Christine Rosen host the show, and in this episode they talk with Daphne Koller, a computer science professor at Stanford University and the co-founder and president of Coursera, about the potential benefits and threats to higher education.

Listen for these five questions addressed here, and look for future posts from me about how MOOCs can impact the K-12 educator.

  1. “Will MOOCs really open up higher education?”

  2. “Will smaller school professors be disrupted by ‘star lecturers’ offered by MOOCs?”

  3. “What happens to the ideal of the liberal arts education?”

  4. “Have we gotten any information from MOOCs, from online education, that actually change how we understand can we teach better?”

  5. “How are you [Daphne Koller] working with employers to get them to recognize that this is actually a useful credit to have?”

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