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Participate 4.1.3 Digital Health

digital healthI began this series of blog posts with the three key characteristics of an exemplary digital citizen in mind: they must be active, balanced, and open to online friendships. Digital Etiquette and Digital Rights and Responsibilities both described in detail how participants can be active and open to creating friendships. The first post described how to balance one’s intake of digital and print media, and here I offer how to be balanced in regard to health.

If a digital citizen aims for balance, he/she is already practicing good health and wellness habits. Achieving this balance comes naturally for some, but a deliberate approach will be more effective when establishing and maintaining healthy habits and routines. The digital instructor can promote healthy habits by discussing ergonomic tips and health concerns with students. From there, the class can create a “must list” of activities to complete daily and weekly. Awareness of one’s habits is the first step to adopting healthier habits.

To begin discussion, the instructor should assign a survey to assess students’ background knowledge of healthy habits. Next, the students could browse for healthy habits to share. Based on the results, the instructor could address the ergonomics and health risks, or have the students go ahead and create a personal “must list.” Students can track their daily progress using and provide an annual report a la Feltron about their health and well-being. Students will feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the experience when they can use their reports to show sustained or improved health, and both working toward a goal and feeling the sense of achievement will improve students’ psychological health, too.

Below are some suggested goals for daily and weekly activities.




Here are some tips to help you plan a Digital Sabbath and a related story from NPR: “This Week is Screen-Free Week.”


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