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homepage icon 2Communicate 3.1.1 – Homepages

The homepage is the digital bulletin board, and it should function and look like its cinder-block classroom counterpart. Just like a real bulletin board that takes some time to put up and take down and consequently doesn’t change much week by week, your homepage will want to stay more or less static. Update your homepage with current units and resources and synchronous events, but keep your contact information and course overview stable. Finally refrain from crowding your homepage with too many links, too many images, or garish colors.

Below is an example of a homepage I created using Haiku Learning. The LMS allows me to place text easily and embed videos, images, and links to help students. However, the format limits creativity a little: I can only place content in the main section and in the right side bar. Visually, content is clear and consistent, but not visually bright or creative. One minor drawback with using Haiku Learning is the inability to arrange content more creatively or to change fonts and colors. You can compare my sample homepage with two others from Haiku Learning.


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