GAVS – News Items!

postcard 1Communicate 3.1.2 – News

Part of effective communication is keeping all stakeholders informed through class news items such as messages about synchronous sessions, due dates, class projects, and instructional units. The newsletter or announcement page also functions as news, but I will save that discussion for the next post. If your Learning Management System provides them, grade reports are also a form of news and should be sent out routinely. There are also more personal news items, such as a personal note about a child’s progress in class. Online educators should refer to their communication guidelines to determine how and when to send news, but they should also determine what form their news should take.

Figure 1

Figure 1

The Internet offers many tools for creating digital flyers, posters, post cards, and messages to send to students and parents. Before you get overwhelmed by the options, I recommend identifying a few purposes for each news item and then deciding on a corresponding tool. Below are my recommendations and Figure 1 is an example of a Good News Postcard that could be sent embedded in an email:

news item chart pic

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