GAVS – Learning Objects Examples

learning objects examplesCreate 4.1.2 – Principles of Building Portable Learning Objects

As I’ve been blogging along with Georgia Virtual Learning in the Create topic, I’ve been developing a unit that would culminate in a radio story or podcast. Half of the unit analyzes how radio producers effectively record their stories, and the other half deconstructs these stories to see how the authors effectively tell their stories. Students will discover how the writers use parallel structure to connect ideas and to guide their audiences along. I want my students to have this ability, so I designed two tricky exercises that force a student to think about the order of words and the relationship between those words.

Here are two screenshots of the exercises:

parallel structure practice 1 parallel structure practice 2

I made the two exercises using Hot Potatoes. You can download the software from the link. Although the software makes it easy to create a variety of activities, I am having trouble finding a way of publishing them on WordPress. I’m sure there is a solution, and if you have a solution, please let me know. I will continue to research widgets and uploading a .htm file from my computer into WordPress. I will update this post once I find a solution.

Despite these difficulties, I’m certain that these exercises would be valuable to students, since a learning management system would allow me to upload the files for my students. The worst-case scenario would be to email the files for students to use on their home computer.

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