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After another week of partial engagement from some students to daily engagement from others, I’d like to start this week’s reflection with a model of my students’ engagement.


You see, there is a small core of students who communicate daily and stay on schedule, but around this core are students who are less involved, and outside of that a few students who are on the fringe. This week I’m going to find out why.

Last week my goals focused on engagement and collaboration:

  • Send personalized pages and emails to students
  • Send “Do this now” OneNote tips
  • Have students collaborate on a Poetry Term Scavenger Hunt via the Discussion Board
  •  Create a OneNote page for students to annotate “The Raven”
  •  Have student introduce themselves at the beginning of the synchronous session

For the core students, I’m dead on. For the rest, less so.

Personalized pages, emails, and feedback

Overall these worked to get students connecting with me. A few students had outside issues pulling them away from my course. This week, I’ll check in once things are settled. Also, Monday phone calls will be my preemptive strike against potential zeros after Thursday’s assignment due date. Atomic ZeroesMy mentor posted this images along with the message in the caption. I believe I’ll share it with my class as well.

OneNote Pilot

Instead of sending emails and text-based pages, I made video recordings of “Do this Now” One Note Tips. I limited my page to a brief description of the link, and I tried to keep the video between 30 seconds to one minute. I notice more buy in from a couple of students. The rest have seemed to ignore it.

Last week I also set up “The Raven” annotation page in OneNote. I reviewed it during the synchronous session. Students have a week to work on it. We’ll see how they do.

Poetry Terms Scavenger Hunt

Although I feel I lost the battle with OneNote, I feel I’m winning the war with the discussion board.

Dynamic Discussions

Although there were only a few posts made this week, the students who did contribute the Poetry Terms DB completed the task. In their post, I asked them to share their thoughts about the assignment. Here’s what some said:

  • I learned a lot by doing this project and enjoyed it very much.
  • I picked the term onomatopoeia because I think that it is a cool sounding word. I think that the most interesting example is the word chortle. I had never heard this word before so I was curious what kind of sound it was and what would make it. I liked this project because I was able to learn a word that I had never heard of before.
  • I liked this assignment because I got to choose a quote from a song and I love music.

Weekly Wins

  • Students using and sharing work on the Poetry Terms PowerPoint
  • Great descriptive writing during the synchronous session

Just one goal this week, do everything I can to make sure students submit all of their assignments.

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