The Kinetic Flow for Synchronous Sessions

adobe - flow

One of the best features of Adobe Connect is also the most neglected features: the layouts feature. Layouts keeps content ready: plan a lesson and no one showed? Save it in a layout, so you can come back to it. If you use layouts, your session is easier to facilitate: less opening files hoping that they work. It smooths transitions. Plus, the make it easier to navigate recording.

The Kinetic Layout Sequence blends multimedia design, instructional strategies, and engaging activities to create a synchronous session that keeps the lesson moving forward toward active learning.

This is the last of the four infographics/ job-aids I created for my Spring presentation on Adobe Connect and synchronous sessions. The design comes after much research and informal experiments with my own course. To be honest, I don’t use every single layout every single session. Yet, by having each already built, I’ve noticed my sessions include more variety, and when I plan my weekly one-hour lesson, I am more intentional in planning opportunities for students to discuss the content and practice the skills.

Click the image below to open it in a separate tab.

kinetic-flow-sequence (1)


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