An Update

instagram-1882329_640It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s because my creative heavy-lifting was finishing up papers and e-learning modules. It’s difficult for me to do both.

Now, however, it’s a new semester, my final semester as a GSU ITD Masters’ student. It’s a great program and growing. So naturally, last week I turned in my application for their PhD program. If you were to ask me three years ago about whether I thought a PhD was worth it, I’d have said no. Too many of my teaching colleagues were pursuing advanced degrees from online for-profit providers. Yes, I see the irony. However, I will say that the GSU program has a good record unlike other providers. And I see the PhD program as giving me more time research and connect my interests in open educational practices and digital literacy.

My work at the GaDOE continues to excite me daily. While I’ll be shy to share many of the specifics, there are a few projects that overlap with my work at GSU.

So going forward, I’ll have several themes going on in this blog.

  • Digital Literacy and how I’m running a professional learning community
  • Maker Spaces, STEM, and the Maker-Mindset
  • Open Educational Practices
  • Weekly reflections that connect my work tasks to my GSU studies (I have to study for comps somehow)
  • #Fragments because frequently I’ll listen, see, or hear something to share

And at some point I’ll work organize posts so one can find posts that relate to my past experiences as an online teacher.

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