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My blog on teaching, technology, and online learning. Focused on designing courses and instruction to facilitate active learning from a teacher’s and instructional designer’s perspective. Connectivist within an LMS and working on better use of discussion boards and synchronous lessons.


Meet Cassandra Gaul

Briefly: EdTech Tactician. Instructional Architect. Happily teaches at the Georgia Virtual School. Member of Atlanta Area Technology Educators and EdTech Women, Atlanta. EdCamp enthusiast.


Georgia Certified Teacher Middle Grades LA, E/LA 6-12 August 2015
Experienced online educator
M.S. in Instructional Technology and Design (2017)


I began my teaching vocation twelve years ago when I began giving drum lessons in high school. Then at Sewanee: The University of the South, where I earned my B.A. in English, I coached fencing for the physical education department. There, I also tutored at the Writing Center and fell in love with the craft. The past six years, I have honed my skills teaching English/Language Arts in the largest school system in Georgia. My efforts have been recognized by staff, students, parents, and the county. I am a dedicated workaholic who strives to do things better and to share thoughts and ideas with those around me.

My personal credo is that all individuals have the ability to learn and then to turn their experience and knowledge into a creative product that can improve the world. In order for learning to happen, students need time and space in which to experiment and make mistakes. Students must have time to reflect on their mistakes, and they must feel comfortable enough to share those mistakes with others so that they can learn how to improve. Students rise to the challenge to create and express themselves if they think it is worth it, and our job as educators is to give them something worth doing. Once they have a task, they will discover what they need to learn in order to be successful.

Find me on Twitter @KineticEd or on Google+


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