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The Franklin Institute Inspirations #educon

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia contains great instructional designs. Museums, by their nature, offer an immersive learning experience, and many combine technology with physical objects and interactives that intensify the experience. But the Franklin Institute is especially clever. A couple … Continue reading

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Notes on “Learning in the Making…”

  To contextualize our field trip to the Invention Studio, my professor had us read “Learning in the Making: A Comparative Case Study of Three Makerspaces” by Sheridan, Rosenfeld, Litts, Brahms, Jacobs-Priebe, and Owens (2014). They study three self-identified makerspaces: … Continue reading

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Field Trip to GaTech’s Invention Studio

Tuesday evening, I visited Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio; a field trip for my MakerSpace / Maker-Mindset course “Inventing to Learn.” The space is nestled away on the second floor of the Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex, which also contains larger labs for … Continue reading

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Learning Environment Redesign

Walk into any learning environment, and you’ll see the theory of learning that created it. The phrase “sage on the stage” is one example. When behaviorism prevailed, classrooms and lecture halls were designed so an audience would absorb the expert’s … Continue reading

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The Need for Storytellers

One reason for everyone to be more digitally literate is to be able to use media for storytelling. On Friday, I saw Hidden Figures and wept. So many narratives are lost to history. So many unique individuals whose lives historians, researchers, … Continue reading

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An Update

It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s because my creative heavy-lifting was finishing up papers and e-learning modules. It’s difficult for me to do both. Now, however, it’s a new semester, my final semester as a GSU … Continue reading

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“Seamless Integration” isn’t possible with neon-yellow thread

As I continue my reading in GSU’s Fundamentals of Instructional Design and Technology, there seems to be a theme. As Deborah L. Lowther and Steven M. Ross point out in Chapter 21 of Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and … Continue reading

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A Model for Lasting Tech Integration

My last post dealt with how designers should use instructional technology, specifically performance supports, also known as job aids or just-in-time learning. While I’m a fan of performance supports in most cases (there’s always exceptions), some of the discussion board … Continue reading

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Ed-tech: solving problems or creating problems to solve?

This week J. Michael Spector’s quote, “Tools and technology strongly influence our habits of thinking, and that should be recognized in the world of educational technology” struck me (123). Quite frequently, we think about how technology affects our behaviors: from … Continue reading

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Two inventions and how they might impact the classroom

Last week MIT and the University of Kentucky shared two exciting stories: “MIT Teaches Wireless Routers to Know How You’re Feeling” “Modern Technology Unlocks Secrets of a Damaged Biblical Scroll” Now, it’s only a matter of time before each is applied … Continue reading

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