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Growing Community and Collaboration in Synchronous Sessions

Fostering community and collaboration online is easier said than done. Many online courses are designed for competency learning. Students progress through material and complete assignments and assessments to on a course to mastery learning. Although this model can benefit from … Continue reading

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Debate Debrief and Results

Tuesday night was my Virtual Impersonation Debate for GSU. I played the role of John B. King, and I had four fantastic classmates doing “Real Time Research” and feeding me information, questions, and answers. Minutes before the debate, I rehearsed … Continue reading

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Catfish Debate

A few weeks ago, my GSU eLearning environment professor assigned a “Virtual Impersonation Debate.” Today, Tuesday, March 8 is the day of the debate, and I’m pretty excited and a little nervous. My team has been researching furiously, and I’m … Continue reading

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Talking Collaborating @GAvirtual

This is the third of three posts wrapping up my third semester with the Georgia Virtual School. The first focused on discussion boards, the second on synchronous sessions, and now the third is on collaboration. Particularly teacher collaboration, because I … Continue reading

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This Week @GAvirtual

For the most part, the middle school online student works alone. Many of my students have extracurricular pursuits, and online schooling provides the flexibility they need so they can practice dance eight hours a day, travel to sports games across … Continue reading

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This Week @gavirtual

This week the major to-do item was sorting out the OneNote Class Notebook and figuring how students would collaborate and what would be some useful tools and resources for them. The rest of my goals dealt with getting more buy-in from students by … Continue reading

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