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Redesigning the Virtual Classroom: Applying @educonphilly

The previous post focused on the microcosm of my own classroom, and how I might answer the following questions within my own course: “What does empathy look like in an online school?” “What does it mean to acknowledge silent voices … Continue reading

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100th Post: Looking at the Internet in Education

How does one answer, “Is the Internet good or bad for education?” I teach online, and I am completing my Master’s in an online program. Most days, I work from the comfort of my own home. Plus, I can work … Continue reading

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STEM Education: Get Two Steps Ahead of Brain-to-Brain Communication

The New York Times story, “Silicon Valley Turns Its Eye to Education” from Monday, January 12, observed , as many teachers and probably students already knew, that education is often the last area of our lives impacted by new technologies. … Continue reading

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GAVS – Thinking about Future Trends

Navigate 4.1.1 – Trend Impact The rate of innovation within the world of technology forces us to live in the future. In order to stay competitive, we must constantly follow current trends and anticipate future possibilities. In 2013, Menco Platform … Continue reading

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GAVS – Roles and Functions in Online Learning Environments

Navigate 1.2.1 Describe Roles and Functions in Online Learning Environments TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) form the digital learning environment, in much the same way that code forms the rich environment of the digital world in the movie The Matrix. Behind … Continue reading

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5 MOOC Questions Answered

In my ongoing research on MOOCs, and as a regular listener to Slate podcasts, I found this episode of “Techno Sapians” valuable. Marvin Ammori and Christine Rosen host the show, and in this episode they talk with Daphne Koller, a computer … Continue reading

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KineticEd Manifesto

We are living in a world of potential that grows exponentially. Technological and communication advances are bringing to life concepts that were science fiction only twenty, ten, or five years ago. Innovative designers and educators are working with businesses to … Continue reading

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