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The Kinetic Flow for Synchronous Sessions

One of the best features of Adobe Connect is also the most neglected features: the layouts feature. Layouts keeps content ready: plan a lesson and no one showed? Save it in a layout, so you can come back to it. … Continue reading

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Growing Community and Collaboration in Synchronous Sessions

Fostering community and collaboration online is easier said than done. Many online courses are designed for competency learning. Students progress through material and complete assignments and assessments to on a course to mastery learning. Although this model can benefit from … Continue reading

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Avoiding Cognitive Overload in Synchronous Sessions

There are two types of brain freezes. The first type follows an overly ambitious slurp of a frozen treat. The second type stems from an over-abundance of media and information. Some call this information overload. Researchers in instructional design and … Continue reading

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Teacher Presence in Synchronous Sessions

For students enrolled in an online course, it is easy to forget there is a live human being on the other end of the Internet. The synchronous session gives students a chance to interact with the teacher live, which can … Continue reading

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Learning Outcomes: Synchronous Sessions vs. Discussion Boards

Last semester, I blogged weekly reflections about teaching online, and mostly I discussed changing discussion board topics and conducting synchronous sessions. At the semester’s close, I summarized my thoughts on discussion boards and synchronous sessions. This semester’s focus is a … Continue reading

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Taking @educonphilly into my Virtual Classroom

Two previous posts discussed my experiences at EduCon 2.8: Narrating Privacy without Fear and Listening to Voices. The entire weekend itself was valuable, but it would be a waste to merely attend, write about it, and then close my notebook, never … Continue reading

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The Welcome Session – Communicate 4.3.1 #eteachertool

  The Communicate 4.3.1 quest asks participants to reflect on the importance of the synchronous session in building a community in an online class. At the close of last semester, I came up with a hypothesis about low attendance during synchronous … Continue reading

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Participate 1.1.2 – Types of OLCs #eteachertool

After sharing my own involvement with online learning communities and bookmarking, I delineated the different connotations and meanings between “online” and “digital.” But “community” and the different types of communities online demands its own post because of the many, many, … Continue reading

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Talking Collaborating @GAvirtual

This is the third of three posts wrapping up my third semester with the Georgia Virtual School. The first focused on discussion boards, the second on synchronous sessions, and now the third is on collaboration. Particularly teacher collaboration, because I … Continue reading

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Talking Synchronous Sessions @GAvirtual

  Before the Thanksgiving Break, I wrote I would recap the last few weeks in three sections: discussion boards, synchronous sessions, and collaboration. The previous post, Talking Discussions acknowledged how students post and reply according to scripts and how teachers … Continue reading

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