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GAVS – Creating and Maintaining Discussion Forums

Communicate 4.2.3 – Discussions The amount of engagement with discussion forums polarizes online learners’ attitudes of them. Either participants think forums are an invaluable component of the class, or they believe the class would instruct just as well without the … Continue reading

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GAVS – Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Participate 4.1.1 Digital Rights and Responsibilities Many discussions revolve around how to keep people safe online, but we must also consider how to protect content. Members of a Digital Learning Community need to respect others’ work and adhere to laws … Continue reading

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GAVS – Digital Resources and Netiquette

Participate 3.1.2 Digital Resources and Netiquette If you’re using a lot of technology in the class, and I hope you are, you might find the following nine guidelines handy. Post the link on your teacher website as a resource, or … Continue reading

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