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Communicate 4.1.2 – Rubric Redesign #eteachertool

 Communicate 4.1.2 – Rubrics Quest Rubrics make grading easier and fairer. They help teachers evaluate subjective criteria by providing a list of objectives. Most teachers by now are familiar with the grid rubric, which is a good way of showing … Continue reading

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GAVS – Competencies

Evaluate 2.1.2 – Rubrics and Competencies Many learning management systems allow teachers to align standards to competencies, and then to organize assignments to match the different competencies. There is a lot of overlap between standards and competencies, which makes it … Continue reading

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GAVS – Creating and Maintaining Discussion Forums

Communicate 4.2.3 – Discussions The amount of engagement with discussion forums polarizes online learners’ attitudes of them. Either participants think forums are an invaluable component of the class, or they believe the class would instruct just as well without the … Continue reading

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GAVS – Communicating with Rubrics

Communicate 4.1.2 – Rubrics The following rubric is the summative assessment for a project I created called “Building a Better Classroom,” which was the last section of my “Envisioning the Future” unit. For the project, student groups needed to imagine … Continue reading

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