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What U.S. K-12 Teachers should know about #OER

In light of this week’s TES survey results on OER referenced by business , instructional technology, and  education sites, here’s what every teacher should know about OER and what policy makers and developers should know about how to support the creation, spread, … Continue reading

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Curriculum 21: Another Look at 5 Socio-Technology Trends

Curriculum 21 by Heidi Hayes Jacobs is now six years old, but I am reading it now for my Curriculum Design and Analysis graduate course at GSU. Despite my reservations about using this dated text from an author who herself … Continue reading

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Building Learning Objects with Storyline 2 #eteachertool

When building learning objects, one must consider motivation, practice, and feedback. Now, motivating students to study subject complements, direct objects, and indirect objects is difficult. Too often learning objects are merely drills of sentences. To avoid this, I drew on … Continue reading

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Debate Debrief and Results

Tuesday night was my Virtual Impersonation Debate for GSU. I played the role of John B. King, and I had four fantastic classmates doing “Real Time Research” and feeding me information, questions, and answers. Minutes before the debate, I rehearsed … Continue reading

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Catfish Debate

A few weeks ago, my GSU eLearning environment professor assigned a “Virtual Impersonation Debate.” Today, Tuesday, March 8 is the day of the debate, and I’m pretty excited and a little nervous. My team has been researching furiously, and I’m … Continue reading

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Narrating Privacy without Fear @educonphilly

This will be one of a few reflections on EduCon 2.8, a conference and conversation in Philadelphia January 29 to 31. For the first conversation Saturday, I listened to Fran Newberg, Jim Siegl, Jeff Graham, Bill Fitzgerald present Four Perspectives … Continue reading

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Communicate 2.1.2 – Email #eteachertool

Communicate 2.1.2 – Communication Guidelines and Email Here’s some of what people are saying about email: The Pew Research Center 2015 report “Teens, Technology, and Friendships” states, “64% of all teens use email with friends; 6% do so daily.” This trend … Continue reading

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Participate 1.1.2 – Social Bookmarking: You don’t need it #eteachertool

The Joining a Digital Learning Community Quest asks participants to pick a social bookmarking tool and go on a digital walkabout and find sites that are good examples of digital learning communities. The participant then tags and annotates these bookmarks. … Continue reading

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Create 1.1.1 – (Teaching) Time Management #eteachertool

Create 1.1.1 – Time Management Quest A year ago, I posted about time management and suggested five tips. I asserted, “Perhaps one should feel a little-overwhelmed since any course should have much to offer its students, and students should realize … Continue reading

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Digital Learning in Georgia

Last week I tweeted good news from Digital Learning Now about the state of digital learning in Georgia. In short, Georgia got a B-. But as with any grade, it’s important to know a few things. Who gave the grade? … Continue reading

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